Shoutout to Nick Drummond for helping Mrs. Donna. Keep up the good work! Go Dragons
5 days ago, Chop Jones
Cold and flu season is right around the corner, Dragons. Here are a few helpful tips to keep you healthy this year: 🤗 Wash your hands with soap and water when available. Hand sanitizers work well in a pinch, but nothing beats the old fashioned way. 👋Don’t touch your face. Viruses can live on skin much longer than most people realize. 🍎Eat right, excercise, and stay well rested. Your body can’t fight off sickness if it’s not given the right tools. 💉If you’re able, getting vaccinated can help stop the flu before it starts by building antibodies in the body to act as a line of defense against the virus. (The flu clinic for students and staff is right around the corner!)
5 days ago, Megan Lindsey
how to avoid the flu
Have a Terrific Tuesday Dragons😊
5 days ago, Becky Dean
Flu vaccine consent forms have arrived! They will be sent home today with your students! Our flu clinic will be held on Wednesday, October 5th and will be open to all students and staff members. We will begin our morning at the MES gym, then move to the MMSBA gym to do middle & high school vaccinations. Consent & FERPA forms must be completed in their entirety (front & back), signed by a parent/guardian and returned by October 3rd for students to be eligible to receive the vaccine. Please Note: Students with incomplete forms will not be allowed to receive the influenza vaccination. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Allen @ 479-369-2762 or Amber Breeden @ 479-369-4400. **Additional forms may be obtained from any campus office.
6 days ago, Amy Allen
flu shot
Homecoming Week '22 has begun!! Thank you to everyone who participated in the parade and to those who helped. Doing something different is often met with resistance, but the feedback we received after the parade was very positive. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the parade! GO DRAGONS!!
6 days ago, Misty Christian
Have a great Tuesday Dragons!
6 days ago, Becky Dean
Huge THANK YOU for food before the parade! Daniel Keeton & Brayden Burnett with Farm Credit Services for grilling up the hot dogs, Pigeon Creek Freewill Baptist and Mountainburg Presbyterian Church for bottled water, and Mountainburg First Assembly for chips!
6 days ago, Debbie Atwell
Spirit Week '22 starts Tuesday, September 27!
6 days ago, Misty Christian
Saddle Up
Get Your Free Hot Dog!
7 days ago, Misty Christian
Hot Dogs
Have an awesome day Dragons!! See you at Parent / Teacher Conferences today!
7 days ago, Becky Dean
It is Homecoming Week '22!! Here is your Dragon Weekly -
7 days ago, Misty Christian
SHOUT OUT to these Dragon Beauties! Willow and Jemma participated in their age division at the AR/OK State Fair. Congratulations ladies! Willow is the daughter of Bill and Mary Hecox. Jemma is the daughter of Mike and Amy Gregory.
8 days ago, Misty Christian
Good substitutes are always needed. We hope parents and patrons of the district will consider attending the training on September 28 provided by ESS.
9 days ago, Misty Christian
Sub  Training
Below is a layout of where you can grab a hot dog then go watch the '22 Homecoming Parade on Monday!
9 days ago, Misty Christian
Have a wonderful weekend Dragons!
9 days ago, Becky Dean
Tough night on the field for the Dragons but they didn’t give up; final score Dragons 6, Panthers 45
9 days ago, Debbie Atwell
Football Score update: Dragons 6, Bigelow Panthers 45 at the half
9 days ago, Debbie Atwell
Have a Great day Dragons!
10 days ago, Becky Dean
Believe it or not, it is already time for Parent-Teacher Conferences!
11 days ago, Misty Christian
PT Conferences
Good morning Dragons!
11 days ago, Becky Dean