Computer Science

Computers are the greatest tool of human invention, yet often the least understood. A working knowledge of computers can create career opportunities, learning opportunities, and a better understanding of our technology-centric world. These devices appear in nearly every home and area of work, and those who can use these tools are set apart from the rest.

Students in these courses will have the opportunity to develop knowledge of programming, networking, cybersecurity, data science, and computer engineering. Specific skills include white hat hacking techniques, game design, and understanding malware (viruses). Students will also gain proficiencies in reading computer languages, algorithm creation, and web page production. All while becoming more efficient users of computers in general.

Computer Science courses are available to high school students grades 9-12.
Programming is a full-year course credit that will cover basic computer science and emphasize the application of programming skills in the IT industry. This course requires no previous knowledge or skills in computer science.

Mobile App Development

Mrs. Christian, CTE Instructor, will be implementing a new program of study over the next three years. Computer Science: Mobile App Development courses will begin being offered in the Fall, 2021.

computer science

Computer Science & Programming

Josh Manus

Mobile App Development

Misty Christian