Family & Community Engagement...

Mountainburg Public Schools values family and community engagement. Each school forms an annual Family and Community Engagement FACE Council comprised of staff and parents. FACE committees are responsible for:

  • Jointly developing the parental and family engagement plan and gathering input into Title I matters

  • Holding annual Title I Meetings

  • Communicating the FACE plan to parents and provide information about programs, meetings, and other activities for parents

  • Creating a jointly developed school compact with parents

  • Coordinate services with other organizations, businesses, and community partners

  • Build capacity of parents to help their student's academic success

  • Build capacity of school staff to work with parents as equal partners

Family & Community Engagement Plans


Elementary FACE Coordinator

Kim Davidson


Middle School FACE Coordinator

Sue Holcomb


High School FACE Coordinator

Misty Christian


District FACE Coordinator

Dr. Debbie Atwell