Safe Room
  • Our safe room has been constructed by the Mountainburg Public Schools in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It was designed and constructed to withstand the pressures of tornadic winds, and is considered temporary shelter in the event of potentially dangerous storm conditions, as indicated by Tornado Warning Sirens.

    Safe Room Procedures

    • Safe Room doors will be unlocked with the first “Tornado Warning” siren
    • Safe room will close when the “Tornado Warning” expires
    • Safe room and all campuses are tobacco, drug, alcohol and weapon free facilities as defined by Arkansas Law
    • Safe room will not allow any animals at any time
    • Safe room doors are to remain closed at all times
    • Safe room is not stocked with food, cots, pillows or blankets
    • Safe room is stocked with a first aid kit

    Priority Occupation

    •  Students, school staff and faculty have priority use during the school day
    • During severe weather AFTER school hours the Safe Room is available as a community shelter

     General Information

    • Designee will open the facility when a tornado Warning is issued
    • Designee will close the facility when the Tornado Warning expires
    • Designee has access to a severe weather radio
    • Questions about the use, availability, and restrictions should be presented to the School Superintendent or Designee