• Mountainburg Public School participates in the Arkansas Public School Choice Act 560 of 2015. Any parent residing outside the Mountainburg School District who desires to send their child to Mountainburg Schools may obtain an application in the Superintendent's Office at 129 Hwy 71 SW, Mountainburg, AR 72946 or click here to download the application. The application must be returned to the Administration office or postmarked no later than May 1st  of the year in which the student would begin the fall semester at the nonresident district.

    Parents are encouraged to have the application submitted as soon as possible as the School Choice Law has a 3% cap limitation on the number of applications that can be accepted. Applications do not have to be resubmitted for any student currently attending Mountainburg Schools under the School Choice Act. The noice is prepared in accordance with Arkansas statute 6-18-1901.